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Caring for the Caregivers – The Importance of Respite Care

Caring for the Caregivers – The Importance of Respite Care

Competent Caregiving Provides a Needed and Important Break for Loved Ones… Respite Care Orange County

When you’re caring for a loved one who is recovering from an illness, operation, injury or disability, there can be a host of emotions, including guilt, worry, fear and hope. Taking on the compassionate and loving tasks of caring for someone can be emotionally and physically grueling. For Orange County residents, respite care is a necessary and important break from the stresses of seemingly constant patient care. At Competent Caregiving, we provide that needed break that allows caregivers to rest, complete errands, attend support groups, and recharge.

What Is Respite Care?

Respite care is designed to give a caregiver a needed break by providing substitute care in a safe environment. Whether short term or long term, professional respite care caregiving offers a welcome chance to unwind and catch one’s breath. While friends and family often provide respite care, having professional service providers available provides added peace of mind.

Respite care Orange County CA has benefits for the patient and caregiver alike. Patients can become overly reliant on a caregiver, and respite care provides a new perspective during recovery. In addition, respite care allows the caregiver to attend to necessary personal needs such as medical appointments, social opportunities or shopping.

During respite care, the primary caregiver can reconnect with family and friends, participate in support groups, or simply relax. This time allows the caregiver to be more effective, especially if the patient requires extended care. Caregivers can become burned out, further compounding the stress and guilt they feel. Respite care Orange County CA helps combat this burnout.

Respite care can be used on a regularly scheduled basis or as needed. Whether it’s inclement weather, a caregiver’s illness or an emergency situation, the respite caregiver can be there to serve when help is most needed.

Planning For Respite Care

Whether needed on a regular or as-needed basis, planning is critical. Here are three tips to keep in mind when considering respite care in Orange County CA:

  1. Plan with your loved one. Involving the patient in the planning process helps provide a clear understanding of when a caregiver will be away, for how long and why. Some patients may be anxious about a caregiver’s absence and so inclusion can help to control worry and explain the important benefits of respite care.
  2. Determine what you need. Detailing what is needed of a respite caregiver helps everyone involved. For the caregiver, it provides peace of mind. For the patient, it offers confidence that necessary tasks will be completed. For the respite caregiver, it provides a helpful outline of what is needed and expected.
  3. Stay organized. Calendars, online tools and checklists help everyone involved to stay on the same page about medication schedules, medical appointments, daily routines and weekly tasks. Make sure necessary medicines, medical equipment and other items are easy to find and labeled properly.

For decades, Competent Caregiving has provided respite care in Orange County CA. Our licensed and trained care providers can help with personal hygiene, nutrition and meal preparation, companionship and light housekeeping, grocery shopping and medical appointments. If you care for a loved one on a regular basis and are looking for respite care in Orange County, count on Competent Caregiving to give you the break you need and deserve.

Steps to Start After Care Following a Hospital Stay

Steps to Start After Care Following a Hospital Stay

Orange County Residents Turn to Competent Care to Help Loved Ones With In Home After Care Following A Hospital Stay

Caregiving is never more crucial than right after you or a loved one leaves a hospital or other care facility. To make sure there’s a continuum of treatment and attention to detail, in home after care is essential. In Newport Beach, Costa Mesa and the rest of Orange County, Competent Caregiving is the top choice for at-home treatment and care after leaving the hospital.

When you’ve been in the hospital or a short- or long-term care facility, getting home is always a welcome step. However, when you or someone you care for returns home, there’s often an adjustment period. Tasks may not be as easy, either for the patient or the caregiver. Every-day, seemingly simple chores and personal care may be much more difficult while healing.

Preparing for Home After Care

If you need to prepare a living space at your home for a convalescing person, here are a few things to consider:


Does your loved one need a hospital bed, portable commode, shower chair, oxygen or other medical equipment?


Are skin care products, diapers or disposable gloves needed?


Is the space navigable for a loved one using a cane, walker or wheelchair? Do I need to make space for a hospital bed or move a bedroom to a lower floor? Where will medications be stored? Is there a space to track appointments, medication schedules or other necessary medical information?


What required foods and vitamins are necessary to ensure that the discharge plan is followed properly?

What medications are needed and how will they be obtained?

In addition to preparing the home, it’s also important that a home after care plan include what a patient may need or a caregiver needs to look for, including symptoms that should be reported immediately, if there are any limitations on activity or day-to-day care (such as bathing, lifting or using stairs), and if the patient can be left alone.

In-home caregiving

In Orange County, in-home caregiving ensures that your loved one receives the proper attention and care necessary to stay safe. Choosing a comprehensive caregiving service, such as Competent Care, gives you the peace of mind that the myriad needs are being met.

At Competent Care, our trained in-home caregivers have extensive experience working with patients and their families to provide the necessary support that maintains dignity and independence. Among the many in-home caregiving services we provide are:

  • Bathing, toileting, dressing and grooming
  • Meal preparation and nutrition monitoring
  • Medication reminders
  • Light housekeeping
  • Help with pet care
  • Grocery shopping
  • Transportation to medical appointments
  • Companionship

Our caregivers also provide family members and friends with respite time, which is vitally important for the provider and the patient. Our caregivers let you recharge and rest, knowing your loved one is in good hands.

We take great pride in making sure our clients receive the best care and attention. All of our caregivers are supervised by registered nurses. Caregivers undergo rigorous background checks and training. When you need caregiving services for someone important to you in Costa Mesa or Newport Beach, turn to Competent Caregiving.

Nutritional Needs for the Elderly

Nutritional Needs for the Elderly

Competent Caregiving in Costa Mesa CA Provides In Home Caregiving 

Services Including Nutrition and Meal Preparation Throughout Orange County CA

Nutrition and meal preparation are crucial factors in maintaining health and quality of life, particularly for the elderly or patients healing from surgery or injury. That is why enlisting a caregiver to provide nutrition and meal preparation services for an in home patient or elderly individual is so important. The caregivers at Competent Caregiving provide in home nutrition and meal preparation services to patients throughout Orange County CA.

When patients are recovering at home from illnesses or surgeries, the importance of nutrition grows in relevance and significance. Many patients recovering from an illness or surgery or elderly individuals, face challenges with shopping for food and preparing healthy, well-balanced meals. At a time when nutrition is most critical, it is important to make nutrition a priority. Poor nutrition can slow down the healing process or lead to further complications. Often seniors or individuals in the healing process have weakened immune systems, making them more susceptible and vulnerable to infections and other illnesses. Muscle and general body weakness, worsened by poor nutrition, can lead to physical issues such as broken bones and falls.

There are a number of reasons that prevent seniors or other patients from preparing proper meals. Some patients may not be mobile and others might have difficulty in getting transportation to grocery stores or navigating a store’s aisles. Others may have difficulty adhering to food selections necessary for a special diet. For patients with physical limitations due to recovery, moving about a store or a kitchen can be difficult or not even an option. In some cases, safely operating kitchen gadgets and appliances can be a challenge, creating an additional risk to the patient’s welfare.

With home health aides or in home caregivers, the uncertainty of grocery shopping and meal preparation duties is eliminated.

Keeping An Eye On Patients

With in-home care, patients and caregivers can have increased peace of mind when it comes to nutrition and meal preparation. In-home care can alleviate the stress and worry associated with maintaining correct nutrition. Home caregivers can offer a range of services related to nutrition that can make a significant difference in the health of the patient.

Home care aides can assist with transportation to grocery stores, grocery shopping, meal planning, meal preparation, feeding assistance and light housework such as cleanup. Patients who are physically able to visit the grocery store are encouraged to accompany their caregiver.

Home health aides can ensure that those patients on a special diet adhere to those restrictions and that meals are eaten at the proper times in relation to medication requirements. In some cases, patients can simply forget to prepare meals. Home caregivers can provide as much or as little assistance as the patient needs or wants, observe the patient’s ability, and monitor recovery progress or setbacks.

The Competent Caregiving Advantage

Competent Caregiving has been providing trained, experienced home health aides to Costa Mesa and Orange County residents and their families since 1988. Our employees understand the importance of proper nutrition among senior patients and other individuals requiring assistance. We work with patients and caregivers to develop the right plan to help give patients the assistance and independence they need.

In addition to nutritional support, the caregivers at Competent Caregiving offer a range of other services. Personal care services include help with bathing, dressing, and toileting. Our home aides also can help care for pets, remind patients to take medication, drive patients to medical appointments and provide companionship to patients.

All of our employees undergo rigorous background checks, including criminal background checks, prior to employment. When you or your loved one needs help with home care, Competent Caregiving is the right solution.


In Home Caregiver Companionship

In Home Caregiver Companionship

Competent Caregiving Provides In Home Caregiving, Including Companionship
Services for Patients Throughout Orange County CA

When a loved one is recovering from surgery, a hospital stay, or a serious illness, the need for companionship is critical. Patients receiving at-home medical treatment may be facing a full range of emotions: fear, confusion, anger, uncertainty, hopelessness. Many patients recuperating from such conditions are susceptible to mental illnesses such as depression or anxiety that can worsen and make recovery more challenging.

Because of these challenges, companionship is a critical part of recovery. Having contact with other people is crucial for several reasons. Providing companionship has multiple advantages for patients and their family members, including:

  • Distraction
    For patients, the recovery period can become an all-consuming focus. A caring companion offers a usually welcome distraction from the discomfort, difficulties, and emotions surrounding the medical problems.
  • Empathy
    Often patients do not want to burden their family members with the discussion of their emotions, which can often deviate quickly from one to another. Often the most effective companies are those who have a sympathetic ear, who can listen and understand the patient’s emotional state. A non-relative companion can also provide perspectives from a less emotional, more impartial position without judgement.
  • Respite
    For patients and the family members who care for them, companionship offers a release and a relief. It is essential that family caregivers have respite time to complete other necessary tasks, escape the pressures of caregiving, and have some time away. Similarly, patients may feel guilty about the burden being placed on family members and see a visiting companion as a way of alleviating that guilt or shame.
  • Safety
    A companion provides another resource for patients and caregivers and a new perspective on a patient’s recovery. While most individuals who offer companionship services are not medical professionals, they can share their observations with family members, providing at times, a fresh perspective on a patient.
  • Mental stimulation
    Companionship provides interaction and engagement that can be critical for patients who live alone or are suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.

At Competent Caregiving, we offer a full range of companionship services for patients in a range of situations, from independent seniors still living in their own homes to those in assisted living facilities, to those recovering from an illness or surgery.

Competent Caregiving staff work with patients and families to find the activities and engagement that works best, whether it’s reading books aloud, playing games, watching sports or television together, going for walks, participating in favorite activities or simply having meaningful conversations.

Our caregivers undergo careful screening prior to hire and our services are licensed and bonded.  Since 1988, Competent Caregiving has offered in-home assistance and care services in Costa Mesa and throughout Orange County.

In addition to companionship services, Competent Caregiving staff can assist with a range of other needs, including personal grooming and hygiene, feeding assistance, dressing, toileting, nutrition and meal preparation, driving to medical appointments, grocery shopping, light housekeeping, medication reminders, respite care, and assistance with pet care. When you want your loved one to have meaningful, comfortable companionship in a time of need, you can count on Competent Caregiving.


Finding The Best Caregiver For Your Loved One In Orange County

Finding The Best Caregiver For Your Loved One In Orange County

Competent Caregiving Can Provide A Safe, Compassionate, In Home Caregiver That You Are Looking For For Your Loved One Living in Orange County

Selecting the right caregiver for your loved one living in Orange County is important. Whether someone you love is recovering from an injury or operation, facing a terminal diagnosis or living with a serious illness, having properly trained caregivers gives you peace of mind.

When faced with selecting an Orange County caregiver, your mind may be racing. Below are a few tips for helping select the right care for your loved one.

Understand The Difference Between Caregiving And Nursing

Home caregiving provides important services for patients. However, caregivers are not certified medical professionals. A caregiver can offer important services, but will not be able to assist with complicated medical treatments.

Caregivers are there to help patients with vital tasks that keep them in the home and out of hospitals or nursing homes. Remaining at home is an important factor in reducing anxiety and improving healing. Caregivers assist patients with eating, bathing, dressing, toileting and grooming tasks. Caregivers can help with meal preparation, light housekeeping, grocery shopping, medication reminders and driving to medical appointments. Perhaps most importantly, caregivers provide companionship and offer family members vitally needed respite care.

Create A Job Description

You will have specific expectations about the tasks you want done by a caregiver. Writing out those needs in advance is helpful in several ways. For one, it provides a guide for conversations and interviews with potential agencies or caregivers. Secondly, it can be used as a resource once a caregiver is in place to ensure that agreed-upon tasks and duties are completed to your expectations.

Provide Details

It’s important that potential caregivers understand your loved one’s background, beliefs and personality. Some find it helpful to share a list of daily activities and a typical schedule with potential caregivers. This helps you and a caregiver candidate to discuss what the best course of action is in day-to-day activities.

Ask Good Questions

During interviews, you may become overwhelmed. Having a set of questions prepared ahead of time gives you a helpful guide and lets you assess in-home caregiving candidates using the same criteria. Here are some potential questions to consider:

  • What have been the conditions of previous patients with whom you’ve worked?
  • What duties have you performed for patients?
  • Are you uncomfortable with any of the items listed in the job description?
  • Tell me about a time you’ve been faced with a patient’s medical emergency?

Be sure to ask for references and ask those references whether they would rehire the caregiver. Ask references about what a caregiver did well and what did not go well. If working with an agency, ask to see a copy of any background check conducted on a potential employee.

Be Patient

Relationships take time to develop. The inclusion of a caregiver in your loved one’s routine will require adjustment on everyone’s part. Give your family member and caregiver time to establish a rapport, build trust and understand each other. In the end, your loved one will receive better care.

At Competent Caregiving, we provide Orange County patients and their families with compassionate, well-trained and attentive caregivers. Our caregivers undergo rigorous FBI criminal background checks, drug and alcohol screening, and driving history verification. For more information about how Competent Caregiving can provided needed services to you and your family, contact us today at 800.755.4818.

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